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About Gemstone Bulldogges


Hello, I am Alli Boumeester. Thank you for visiting my page. I am an Olde English Bulldogge enthusiast, advocate, and breeder. I would not be able to do everything I do if it wasn't for the love and support of my husband, Matt. We have 3 beautiful, energetic, animal-loving little girls who are a big help when it comes to taking care of the puppies. The love they have for our animals melts my heart. We just recently moved our little family from Wisconsin to Sioux Falls, South Dakota and are settling in quite nicely.

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We are an extremely active family and are always on the go. Our dogs are part of our family so most of our activities include them as well. We love to go on camping, fishing, boating, swimming, and on hikes in the summer. In the winter, the dogs like to tag along on ice fishing trips and love to play in the snow.


Our family's obsession with the breed started 13 years ago when we brought home our first Olde English Bulldogge, Bella. Because OEB's are like chips and you can never have just one, we soon brought home another pretty girl and named her Lola. When Matt and I purchased these two girls all we saw were cute, adorable puppies. We were not educated buyers and were not knowledgeable about backyard breeders. We got a crash course as both girls had numerous health issues that effected their quality of life and ultimately caused both of their untimely deaths. Bella and Lola may no longer be here with us in the physical sense, but their life stories are the motivation behind my program. Their spirits live on through my determination to breed healthy and happy dogs. This is my, "Why". This is why I breed. 



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I started my breeding program in the fall of 2020 with the addition of Sokota's Gemstone Agate (Jemma). She came from genetically health-tested parents, so I was confident that she would make a solid foundation for my program. Fast forward a couple of years to 2022, Gemstone Bulldogges had its first litter. It was everything I was hoping for with the focus centered around health and structure. The pups that were produced were so amazing, I placed one female, and two males from the litter in my guardian program. End of 2022, I added another outside female pup, Mighty Michigan's Victoria's Secret (Vickie), to my pack and program. She has some growing to do as she is just a pup, but I am excited to see what she will produce in the future. The possibilities are endless here at Gemstone Bulldogges. My breeding program has gotten off to an amazing start and I know I am making Bella and Lola proud.

Thank you for visiting!

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